Monday, October 27, 2014

So let me tell you about this awesome book.....

So...there's this book, right?! And it's good. I mean amazingly good! Let me set you up...

Caroline Piasecki is a sophmore in college and has broken up with Nate, her high school boyfriend who attends the same college six months ago. After what she thought was an amicable break-up she finds pornographic photos of herself online that only Nate would have.

And while I know everyone out there is like, "You Idiot! You don't let people take pictures." Believe me, I was one of them too. But then I read this wonderful point of view, why are we condemning her when Nate, her trusted boyfriend at the time, is the one who put them online?

But that doesn't stop pervy strangers from emailing, texting and calling her with their sick fantasies.

*and cue more pissed-off giphs*

So anyway...Caroline, who one day wants to hold political office, has this crap to deal with while maintaining her classes and dealing with the emotional and psychological damage these photos have inflicted. 

In comes West. West isn't your typical college student and he isn't your common, swoop in and make everything better hero. He has his own problems. And they stem from his home life in Silt, Oregon. West works three different jobs, sells weed and is pre-med at the university. He does this all so he can send the money home to keep his mother and sister from relying on his abusive father. While West works his crazy hours, days and nights, Caroline finds the only way to curb her insomnia, is to hang out with West while he works nights at a bakery. 

A friendship forms. And naturally, as in all romances, their relationship becomes more complicated. 

This book is an amazing display of emotionally full developed characters. Not only is this book hot, it's fast paced and I could not put it down! 

You find yourself cheering for Caroline as she slowly reclaims her confidence, self esteem, friends and sexuality. I have fictional heroines I admire and Caroline will always be one of them. 

Please checkout DEEPER by Robin York. You won't be disappointed!

And if you like this...don't forget to check out HARDER (Caroline & West, Part 2)


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