Sunday, August 31, 2014

Book to Movie - Again!?!

What's the Deal?! Is Hollywood out of ideas?

The answer is, No. They aren't out of ideas. There are so many books made into movies, a person could wonder. However, it seems to come in waves. I like to think it all started with the increasing demand from the procrastinating English student. :)

In this post I want to introduce an author who will have my attention and readership for the rest of my life, Gayle Forman. She has a multitude of talent she bestows on the world through her many books including her series:

If I Stay
You may recognize "If I Stay" from its previews as a major motion picture! I have been thrilled ever sense. I urge all readers, if you liked "Fault in Our Stars" you'll freak over "If I Stay." 
Just another great read you can't miss!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So I've Come to Realize...

I started Breaking Books back at the end of January 2014 and since then I've been going pretty consistently. I've announced some books, I've reviewed a bit, and I've had some personal posts as well. Today, I noticed my posts keep sliding back to contemporary romance. However, I wanted Breaking Books to be a blog about a variety authors, genres, and books coming up through different channels.

Finally, after all these months of struggling to keep a good variety of books on display, I've succumbed to my true self.

I. am. a. romance. reader.

I know, everyone who has followed me on Breaking Books has probably figured that out and I knew it too. I just didn't want to become ANOTHER romance book blog. (There are so many out there, it's ridiculous.)

Not only do I have some very important and wonderful authors to rave about, but I have some romance writing topics to discuss. So if you follow, you may end up loving it or you may hate it. But at least I will be posting about my true interest. 

 It might get steamy, it may even get a little sexy on this blog, but I promise to keep it professionally sexy and steamy ;).

Happy Reading!