Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Notorious Georgia Cates

Georgia Cates' Beauty Series

I'm not here to give you a synopsis of these books. If you want one follow the links to the Goodreads links on the covers and get your update from there. I'm here to review the series. 

Now when I say the "Notorious Georgia Cates," I mean I have been dying to read this series ever since it came out 2013 and 2014. Many of my friends recommended and praised this series and I was immediately drawn in by the covers. (Look at them, they're gorgeous!) 

The Beauty series is one of the better romances I have read. It was entertaining, funny, sad, hopeful and very very sexy. The sexual banter between Laurelyn and Jack made the relationship easy and entertaining to read. As I continued to read, it was evident that growth and development revolved around the main characters, Laurelyn and Jack. Typically, this method can make a book unbearably boring and one dimensional. However, in this series, the relationships Laurelyn and Jack have with the supporting characters develop and mature making this book a gem. 

I'm a sucker for romance, but I'm an even bigger sucker for a story about self-descovery. Every person's story is different and Laurelyn and Jack do not disappoint. I love the constant display of choosing each other instead of letting circumstances or fear win. I'm a big sap. I will always want love to win.


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