Monday, November 17, 2014

For the Record By: K.A. Linde

For the Record (Record #3) 

By: K.A. Linde


With Congressman Brady Maxwell up for reelection and journalist Liz Dougherty about to graduate into a promising career, the ambitious couple’s future is brighter than ever. They share a passion for their work…and for each other. But when Brady holds a press conference to officially introduce Liz as his girlfriend, reporters hungry for a scandal bombard her. Now, her every move is under a vicious magnifying glass, and her life feels like it’s falling apart.

On the road to reelection, the passionate bond between the congressman and the journalist gets tested at every stop. Threatened by shameless media sensationalism and jealous exes, Brady and Liz now have to learn to trust each other despite what they read in the papers.

In the finale to USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde’s sexy Record trilogy, Liz and Brady may be setting off fireworks along the campaign trail, but can their love transcend politics as usual?


Normally, as a rule of thumb, I don't review for a series out of order. However, from the  release of K.A. Linde's first book "Off the Record" I have been anxiously waiting for my chance. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented me from receiving an advanced copy for review. So naturally, my cheap ass waited anxiously for my library to receive its copy.

Then the second book of the series appeared, "On the Record." Excited as ever, I kept waiting for my chance to  read the first book...and I'm still waiting.

When the third book for the series was announced, I hesitated all of 3.4 seconds before I signed up to review. I had been waiting and hoping and wanting this series to become available to be me...who was I to refuse it just because it was the third book?!

In the beginning of the book, I was thrown off by the relationship of Brady and Liz. It was obvious that a lot had happened with their characters and relationship in the previous two books and that made it a bit difficult to catch up. After reading a few chapters and much inferring, I was able to understand more of Liz's character. Liz is a hard working, middle class, college senior with a passion for politics and journalism. Easy. What left me perplexed, however, was Liz's past connection with Brady. It is evident Brady had some unique relationship stipulations for Liz the first time they were together. (What they were, I have no idea.) How was it that Liz, a seemingly confident and independent woman, got mixed up in a secret relationship with Brady? I guess I'll either have to spend the rest of my life in wondering or bite the bullet and purchase the first book.

A much more difficult character to understand is Brady. Growing up in a political family, he seems to have inherited his political position without passion. In this book, Brady's character doesn't display any real interest for anything other than his relationship with Liz. It is evident, however, I am supposed to be experiencing a new, committed, long term relationship Brady who has transformed out of the previous books. My experience of him being restricted to the "For the Record" limited the impact of the development of his character and has distorted my perception.

The million dollar question...would I do it again? Hell yes! Some of the sex scenes were a bit awkward, but overall "For the Record" is a decent new adult romance read. I would recommend this book to readers of Maya Banks, Emma Chase, and Sophie Jordan.

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